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A party that sparkles long after the end!

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Just a few tips Pinka recommends


1.   Try to book your venue and entertainer well in advance as both can get very busy.


2.   Send out party invitations well ahead to ensure a good turn out and remember to write whether there is a theme or not so parents know to dress their children up.


3.   Find out if any conflicting parties are happening on the same day as yours.

      If so, sharing a party is always a good option.


4.   If you choose to display some balloons at your party, tying them to their chairs, doors, or hanging  them in a large bunch out of the children's reach  is best. This is so the balloons don't become a distraction by children trying to catch the strings or pulling them around the room. I’m afraid scattered balloons on the floor will interrupt the party and are a hazard.


5.   If at home, try and move as much furniture aside in the party room as possible. Pinka doesn't need a huge room but enough for all the children to run around and play party games happily. It will also prevent anything breaking!


6.   Remove all toys, play or climbing equipment etc from the party area. This helps the children and the entertainer have a much more enjoyable party with no distractions.


7.   If food and entertaining is happening in one room, Pinka is best on the opposite side from food and main entrance to the room and preferably near a plug socket (she always brings an extension lead)


8.   Ensure if you are entertaining parents with some nibbles and drink (lovely idea!), the volume of your chatter doesn't distract the children too much from having fun and hearing Pinka! Plan for them to be either on opposite end of room or another room.


9.   Don't feel you have to go to huge expense on food or party bags.


10.   Most importantly have fun and don't forget your camera!

Party Tips

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